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Go2Lofoten Bilde Nordlys


Go2Lofoten is a 100% local family business consisting of brothers born and raised in Svolvaer!


We give you local knowledge and history!

Tours & activities in Lofoten

Lofoten Fishing trip - Svolvaer

Every winter a lots of Norwegian Arctic cod, called Skrei, swim down from the Barents Sea to Lofoten to spawn. The Lofoten fishery has been the basis of existence for the people here, for at least five thousand years.  Today Lofotfishery in one of the largest and most..

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Fishing trip - Svolvaer 

Join our fishing trip and catch your own fish! 

Along the way you will experience the Lofoten archipelago with steep mountains, islets and sheaves. 

We often see Sea-eagles, cormorants and eiders. If we are lucky we can also see...

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Sea Eagle Safari to
Trollfjord - RIB
MidnightSun Safari - RIB

Trollfjorden is the destination visited by

most tourists in Lofoten summertime. ​

Beside the dramatic nature, Trollfjorden is

also known for the Trollfjord battle, which is ...

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The midnight sun is an amazing natural phenomenon that can be experienced summertime, north of the Arctic Circle.

When the midnight sun has moved to ...

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Midnight Fishing - Svolvaer 
Kayaks for rent - Svolvaer

The Midnight Sun is an amazing natural phenomenon that can be experienced summertime, north of the Arctic Circle. ​

When the Midnight Sun has moved to its lowest over the horizon, you may experience an incredible ...

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Lofoten in art - Henningsvaer

When you go to Lofoten, a fabulous way to experience and explore the nature here, is doing it by kayaking. ​​

Lofoten is a paddle paradise for both experienced and inexperienced kayakers.

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If you want to experience beautiful art, you should visit Gallery Lofoten in Henningsvaer.

This gallery is also called the National Gallery of North Norway.

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